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Tips for selling your home faster!


1) Experience sells – Hiring a skilled, trusted, real estate professional is key!

2) Requiring that a buyer meets financing eligibility increases your likelihood of selling your home.

3) Closing date is move out date.

4) What you love isn’t what a prospective buyer loves.

5) Cooperation continues to be the name of the game.

6) Trying to hide a defect will haunt you, be honest in disclosures.

7) Photographs and videos can sell homes.

8) Buyers must envision themselves living in your home, take down pictures and personal items.

9) Ignoring communication between realtor and owner jeopardizes home sales.

10) Well maintained homes sell for more money.

11) Cash is not always king, higher offers are often financed through a third party.

12) Smelly homes sell for less money.

13) Buyers love to grill sellers present at home showings.

14) Buyers love to negotiate the home sales price after the home inspection.

15) Not overpricing your home helps sell faster.

16) Repairs left undone will cost you more money than the repair itself.

17) Selling a home is inconvenient, be available to show home at all times.

18) Maintain the outside of home tidy.

19) A clean, uncluttered home sells.

20) Know your local real estate market.

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